Ways We Help

Truly Fed offers several programs to benefit the community. With your help, we can provide nutritious meals, clothing and supplies to those in need.

Mobile Food Pantry

Vegan Eats For The Streets is our mobile food pantry that travels throughout the US, cooking meals and delivering food to those in need.

Feeding Children

Your support ensures growing children can get access to meals at school, after-school feeding programs, and food assistance during the summer.

Food Rescue & Distribution

We work with manufacturers, distributors, retailers, food service companies and farmers to gather food before it goes to waste.

Nutrition Education

One of our biggest passions is nutrition science and research. In addition to feeding hungry families healthy, disease fighting foods, we want to give people the knowledge they need to stay healthy.

About our foundation

Why we help

Our efforts are built on the basic principle that all beings deserve compassion and respect. We know that a vegan lifestyle encompasses this principle and offers many health and environmental benefits. Currently, our economy fuels industries that contribute to our chronic health issues, and hunger across the world. Health and well being should be a foundation for change, rather than a benefit or privilege. It is our responsibility to serve our community by making sure people of all ages have what they need to live a better quality of life.

Our team has spent years coaching others through a vegan lifestyle. We have been following a plant based diet and vegan lifestyle for 8+ years and counting. A vegan lifestyle and diet offers a variety of benefits for our health, and the planet. More of our money and resources should be going towards improving our health and preventing disease. Plant based foods like beans, grains, fruits, and vegetables are more sustainable for the environment and promote optimal health for the whole planet.