Nutrition Plans & Coaching

Thanks to our partner Meal Plans Plus, a vegan nutrition coaching company, you can help those in need while reaching your health goals. Improve your health or achieve a fitness goal with a nutrition plan created by nutritionists and dietitians.

Their nutrition plans and coaching includes an online account and mobile app, where you can edit your meal plan, browse recipes, and food database, and more. You'll also have the support of a nutritionist, who will adjust your meal plan and coach you for the duration of your program.

Meal Plans Plus services go hand in hand with our mission to encourage as many people as we can to adopt a plant based diet. The benefits of eating more plants are vast, both for our health and economy. We think that everyone needs proper education on nutrition in order to reverse the trends of disease and live abundantly. A meal plan and team of nutrition professionals is necessary for this to happen.

Learn more about these nutrition plans at and use the code TRULYFED at checkout.